Friday, September 24, 2010

Kelsee's 1st Photo Shoot by Brooke Anne Images

Most of you know my sister and brother-in-law do photography as a side business. While they were here after Kelsee was born, of course we had to do her first of many photo shoots! We had a great time taking the pics and when they sent them to me they literally brought tears to my eyes! Kelsee is 5 days old in these pics!! There will be more that I add later (he is not quite finished w/ all of them yet) but I could not wait to go ahead and share the ones that are completed. They have very amazing, unique ideas....just wait till you see these!! I hope you enjoy them half as much as we are!!
She is in our dresser drawer in this one!
Absolutely precious!! And you can't even tell she was screaming her head off!!
Laying on her changing table!

Definitely Daddy's baby girl!! But this pic has a story worth telling!! Right after he took some of these Dale was holding our naked baby and she decided she needed to pee....LOL....he got that cleaned up and was getting ready to take more pics and then you guessed it!! She decided to poop on him too!! It was GREAT!! Needless to say, the rest of the pics like this she has a diaper on...although w/ the awesome photographers we have you will never know that!!
Laying on the top of our computer cabinet!
Right now this is the one I have picked out to use for her main pic on her birth announcements. But I keep changing my mind, so there is not telling which ones will make the final print!

Look at those precious feet!!
Isn't this absolutely amazing!! This is our dresser in our bedroom!! I LOVE THIS PIC!!!

I hope you enjoyed those and look back for more later!! There are going to be some more w/ a story and I can't wait to share it with you!
If you liked what you saw check out and give them a call!! I promise you will not be disappointed!!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Kelsee is 2 weeks old!

I am not finished posting from when Kelsee is born, but had to go ahead and add this one in here since Kelsee is now 2 weeks old. She is such a good baby!! Kelsee is eating about every 3-5 hours depending on the time of day and how much she ate the time before. We are so lucky with her sleeping patterns! She is eating about 10 and then sleeps till about 3 and then till about 6:30-7. We could not ask for a better schedule for a 2 week old! Kelsee is such a good baby, I am afraid we are still in a honeymoon stage and things will change at any moment!! She hardly ever cries and when she does it is not really a real cry, it's more just a cry out. Kelsee has started recognizing voices and is starting to focus on faces. She has turned her head for all 4 of us now. Kelsee loves her Sissy and Bubba and they are having a blast with her too! She also is already becoming a Daddy's girl I am afraid!! At bedtime I will feed her and then try to settle her down to sleep and she will just not settle down for me. But I hand her to Dale and she completely relaxes and zonks out totally! It is amazing, because any other time of day she goes to sleep just fine for me, but at bedtime she already wants her Daddy!
I wanted to post a couple pics of her on her first day and then again on her 2 week "birthday". I put her in the same outfit so you can somewhat see how she has grown. The only thing is that in the first pics she is bigger than she was when we brought her home since she lost almost a pound.The pics of her on her first day aren't great cuz most of the ones taken that day she is all bundled up in a blanket!
This is the only full length one we have of her on the first day (in this outfit) that she isn't all bundled up.
Kelsee at 2 weeks old!! She had a very full belly!!
I was trying to get her to open her eyes and as you can tell, she was not happy to do so for me! She also was squirming and squinching her face up so it looks really big here. Oh the joys of photographing a baby!
She goes to the Dr for her 2 week check-up on Thur so I am looking forward to seeing how much she has grown. I will let you know!

Friday, September 17, 2010

Family Comes to the Hospital to Meet Kelsee

We were very blessed to have lots of family and friends visit us at the hospital. Miss Kelsee is so blessed to have so many people that love her and were anxious to welcome her to the world.
Mimi was able to make it for the arrival. Although she wasn't able to stay as long as with Kaylee and Braden, she enjoyed welcoming Kelsee to the world!
Homework doesn't stop even for a new baby!
My other Mom, Denise, was able to be here to see her. She hasn't been able to be here for either of the others so it was nice to have her here this time.
Dale's Grandpa is pretty proud of his great-grandkids!
The Heislers
Dale's Aunt Nancy
And Aunt Joyce
Nana was so glad you were not born one day later or she would have had a hard time getting here! But she was able to be here and like many others did not want to leave!
Mimi wasn't ready to leave either.
Uncle Chris was very excited to meet his newest niece! He is pretty proud of all of them!!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Meeting Big Sissy and Brother!

Kaylee and Braden could not wait to meet Kelsee! They have been waiting 9 LONG months for this moment. They both absolutely love and adore her and are the BEST big brother and sister any lil girl could ask for!
Those of you who know Kaylee well know this is typical reaction for her to anything new. She is a very cautious/observative person. She came in very reluctant, but quickly got comfortable and was thrilled to get to hold her baby sissy.
I just love how she is looking up at him!
Merry Christmas Bubba!! If yall remember, Braden asked for a baby from Santa and 9 months later we have lil Missy!! Braden is doing great w/ Kelsee. He is a very affectionate person so he is constantly loving and kissing on her. Braden loves having his baby sissy around and has done very well adjusting to not being the baby!
Big Sissy could not wait any longer!! Kaylee is absolutely amazing with Kelsee. She is very good at holding her and has been a HUGE help to me while I am healing and adjusting to life with 3 kids. Kaylee has been more than willing to hold Kelsee anytime I need her to, she has carried her to the car for me while I can't, and has been helping me with laundry after she gets home from school. I am not sure what I would have done this past week without her!!
Our girls!!
WOW!! 3 kids!!!
Our first pic as a family of 5!! We are so blessed and perfectly complete!!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Introducing Kelsee Anne

At 1:45 the nurse checked me and said we were ready to go. Next thing I knew there were people and tables all over the room and Dr was getting things ready to go. Little did I know within 15 minutes we would have a baby! After only 3 pushes we had our healthy lil princess in our arms!
Tami giving me last minute instruction before delivery.
She is here!!
A very proud Mommy and Daddy!!
Introducing Kelsee Anne Heisler
8lbs. 1.8oz 21" long
Our biggest baby of the 3!
She has LONG skinny Lawson feet!!
Putting her mark on her Daddy already!
Another one of the perks of having Tami all to ourselves! She does all those lil extra things other nurses don't always do.

Delivery Day!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010 we were scheduled to be at the hospital at 6:30a.m. to start labor to meet our lil girl! We arrived and got settled in and started the waiting game. The Dr came in about 7:30 to check things out and get us started!
Mommy before getting all hooked up to all the monitors....can't believe in just a few short hours she will be on the outside of my belly!
Some of the members of my cheering squad! Tami Frakes (in the pink) is a nurse at the hospital and labored w/ us the whole time. She actually was off that day, but came in just for us!! And that meant we got her all to ourselves!
Finally started having some pain during contractions. Only had to bear w/ them for about an hour before I was able to get my epidural. It looks like I am breathing through a contraction in this pic, but actually I think I was talking!
After epidural....can't you tell!!
After only 6 short hours of not very hard labor we are ready to introduce our lil princess to the world! Dale and my mom were right there at my side ready to help me out.

I have TONS of photos so I will be posting them in stages. I would love to have you check back often for many more pics to come!! Hope you enjoy viewing them as much as we have enjoyed taking them!