Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Awards Assembly

The last day of school means awards assembly! I cannot believe my kids have completed 2nd and 4th grades!! They both had a great year and had the BEST teachers!
Braden (middle, stripe shirt) waiting along with some of his classmates while their teacher talks about what a great class they were!
Getting his awards from Mrs. Pierce. She is absolutely the best teacher! Both of the kids have had her for 2nd grade and I pray she is still there for Kelsee to have! Braden was awarded with a Reading Award, Superintendents Honor Roll all year and the class Citizenship Award!
Trying to get a sneak peak at his goodies!
Kaylee ready and waiting for her turn!
Mrs. Adair bragging on what a great student Kaylee is!! Ok, there has to be 2 BEST teachers because Mrs. Adair is also one of them!!! Kaylee got a Reading Award and Principals Honor Roll all year long! She had a a great year!!
Something was funny apparently!
Braden received the best boy in Music class for his class!! What a great honor!!
Both of the kids had a great year! We are very blessed to have such great kids who love to learn!! I cannot believe my kids are now 3rd and 5th graders!!!
Time for Summer to Begin!!!

Little Olympics

I am so far behind on blogging!! Summer is in full swing and you would think that would give me more time to keep up on things.....WRONG! That just means 3 times the work with 3 kids in the house all day now and also means baseball/softball almost every night! The kids had their end of the school year activities the first couple weeks of May. They began with Little Olympics. Both kids did very well and had a great time! Here are a few pics!
Kaylee (on the far right in the pink) running the 50 yard dash. She got 2nd!
Slater, Kaylee and Sydnie getting ready to run the 100 yard dash finals
Kaylee and Evan....2 man relay partners for the past 4 years!
Braden (in the orange) tugging against the biggest kid in the 2nd grade!
Braden got a lil wet on that one!

I can't believe this was Kaylee's last year to participate in Little Olympics. On to real track and field next year!