Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The YEAR has been FUN....

...Now look who turned ONE!!!!!

Wow, Kelsee Anne I can't believe you are already a year old!! You have been such a blessing to us. One that we could have NEVER imagined possible. You are definitely the best surprise we never knew we wanted!! You bring such a joy to this family....we just all adore you so much! To say you are spoiled would be a complete understatement!!! You are SO loved by so many people, both family and friends. I am sorry I have not been very good about blogging the past few months. You and your brother and sister have been keeping me VERY busy. You are by far the most active of all 3 kids at this age!

Some fun and interesting facts about you at a year old!
  • You are walking EVERYWHERE!! Trying to even run now....which is SO funny!! Your little legs go faster than your body can handle!
  • You weigh about 22lbs (you go to the Dr next week so we will know for sure then)
  • You are talking so say Mama, Da-Da, Bubba, Si-y or Kay-ee, Hi, Bye, Bite, Go, Yep, No, and mostly O-La (Lola....all animals are O-La!)
  • You are into EVERYTHING!! We have had to "lock" up things for you that your brother and sister never even touched!
  • You sign 'more' when you want more food
  • You wave 'bye-bye' to anyone and everyone that goes by
  • Much to Mommy's dismay you would rather not wear a bow! However, Mommy is not letting you win that battle!! ;)
  • You are a very good eater! Your favorite right now is peas! We will see if that is still your favorite when you are 10! You are doing very well feeding yourself
  • You are finally drinking are only nursing in the mornings now too
  • You sleep pretty good....well you sleep great as long as you are right next to Mommy! You will sleep in your bed usually till about 5 and then you get in bed with Mommy and Daddy, then eat about 6.
  • You absolutely adore your brother and sister. You want your sister any and all the time and you want your brother when you want to play. You do favor your sister over your brother, but your face lights up and you are SO happy when it is time to go pick them up from school.
  • You are quite the social butterfly! When we go to a community event you are passed around from person to person and love every minute of it.
  • This week you started "jumping"! It is so funny and you just laugh!!
  • You clap when anyone says "Yea" and you dance (SO cute!! You hold your hands together and shake your shoulders) with any lil sound of music!
  • You are still a thumb sucker! But only the right one.
  • You love cell phones and remotes. You have already figured out how to turn on my iPhone and unlock it! I had to put a security code on it to keep you from doing crazy things on it!
  • You are a very determined lil girl! When you want something or to go somewhere you get MAD when you are not able to!
  • When I tell you you are pretty you "comb" your hair!
I cannot wait to watch you grow and change over this next year. You are becoming so much fun and are only going to get even funner! Kelsee Anne I love you and adore you so much! You are so spoiled and I am mostly to blame for that! But that is OK!! There is a saying "The Laughter of a Child is the Light of the Home" You have definitely LIT up our home!! We all love you so much Kelsee Anne and thank God daily for bringing you to us and look forward to helping you grow into a wonderful person of God.

Here are some special pics!!! Before you were born I purchased a bow (another one I know!) and your Doe-Doe came up with a great idea to use it as a "Grow With Me Bow." So we took your pic in the same bow periodically throughout your first year to show how much you have grown into your bow. Then I used that bow as the theme for your birthday party. Here are the famous pics!!
5 days old

3 months old

6 months old

9 months old

1 year old!