Sunday, June 20, 2010

Daddy....Oh how we LOVE you!

Today is all about Daddy! (Well, after he gets home from work!) We are so blessed to have such a wonderful man to be our Daddy and husband. He is very caring, loving, a hard worker (hence working harvest hours even on Father's Day!), and devotes all his time to us! When God chose him for us He picked from the very top!! Dale spends lots of his days working 10-12 hours, heading straight to a baseball field to help coach, then comes home and spends his "relaxing time" either playing w/ the kids or tackling things that always seem to need to be done around here. We could not ask for a harder worker! The kids and I are so thankful for this, because he works so hard, I get to stay home with them....if it wasn't for all he does I could not do this. Thank you honey! We LOVE you very much!!

"To: Daddy,
You helped me ride my first bike, thank you for teaching me how to ride with no training wheels. I love you. OH and for helping me ride all my bikes, you were there when I got hurt on my 2nd bike. Thank you for helping me feel better. You always cook for us and you always wrestle with us and I like that.
Love, Braden"
"To: Daddy,
Thank you for buying me a heifer and a goat and help me ride my bicycles. I will be Daddy's little girl forever! And thank you for letting me have a doggy. Thanks for cooking breakfast. I will always remember that you tuck me in bed and say my prayer every night and letting me go to work with you. It is fun when we go to cow shows. You are the best Daddy ever!
Love, Kaylee"

"To: Daddy,
I can't wait to meet you! Sorry I stop moving every time you touch Mommy's belly!! Thanks for letting Mommy buy me a play pen and cute clothes. I will be your Daddy's girl #2! See you in a few months!
Love, Kelsee (translated by Kaylee!)"

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Start of Summer!

Well summer is in full force now, and for us that means LOTS of baseball/softball. We have a great time watching both kids play. Dale helps coach both teams and well, I do lots of cheering!! Both kids are playing machine pitch again this year. Kaylee plays short stop and Braden plays right field. Braden's team is the Twins. He enjoys the friends he has made on his team and mostly enjoys playing the game! :)
Here he is in the outfield patiently waiting for a ball. He does pretty good for about 20 minutes, then paying attention becomes very hard!!
I think he ended up hitting this ball!! Braden has struggled a lil with hitting the ball, but is definitely improving! Last game they played he hit both times up to bat!!

Kaylee is playing her 3rd year for the Diamond Divas. This year she got moved from 3rd to short stop. She enjoys it and is doing very well at it. The girls have all improved so much! It is amazing to watch them play this year. They are learning to play real big girl softball and doing very well at it! Kaylee is definitely our athlete (right now) and absolutely loves everything there is about sports. Although she enjoys playing basketball, her passion (for now) is softball.
She is seriously waiting for the coach to put the ball in the machine
The ball was hit and she is on the move. Didn't end up coming to her, but she was moving and ready!
The Divas are calling it up!!
Batter, Batter, Swing!
Making a run!

The kids were in a wedding over Memorial Day weekend. Kaylee passed out programs and Braden passed out bubbles. They were absolutely adorable if I do say so!
She is all ready to go!
Complete with a fresh pedi!
And he is ready too!
Kaylee and Sydnie talking to Clyde while passing out the programs.

By the time we reached the reception and it was Braden's turn to pass out the bubbles, I was completely wiped out (amazing what pregnancy can do!) and I totally forgot to take any pics of him!! Oops!!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

It's been a BUSY life!

Wow! We have had a busy few months! The end of school was crazy and then summer hit full force. Here are a few pics of the last few weeks of school.

I was able to take the day off and go with Kaylee on her 3rd grade field trip. I am taking advantage of this while she still wants me there!! They went to Simpson's Western Museum in Enid and then to the park for a picnic and just running around for the rest of the afternoon. The museum was very interesting and the kids had a great time. They also film westerns there so they got an education of movie sets at the same time.
Uh Oh! What did she do!
This was interesting to see how a movie set jail cell looks.
The whole 3rd grade on the "hotel stairs"
Kaylee w/ a few of her friends in the "saloon"

The next few pics are of our Lil Olympics day. They both participated in 4 events, but I only captured a few in pics. It is hard to watch/picture them and take care of the class I am an Aide for too. Traci, the teacher, and I try to make sure each other gets to our kids events, but it doesn't always happen. Kaylee participated in the 50 yd dash, 100 yd dash, softball throw and 2 man relay. She came home w/ 2 2nds, a 3rd, and a 4th. She was not overjoyed with this years results, but she had fun anyway. Braden participated in the 50 yd dash, obstacle course, tug of war and the 2 man relay. He received 2 4th place ribbons and was VERY excited about those! And the highlight was when he realized that the two of them totaled 8th place!! LOL!!
Kaylee is in the middle of the back row. She is in 2nd place right now!
Align CenterAnd they hand off! Her partner is the 2nd on the right. They are still in 2nd!
Braden running the 50 yd dash. He got 4th in the finals!
Finishing up the obstacle course with the slip-n-slide

The last day of school always begins with Awards Assembly. Both kids had a great school year! We could not have asked for better teachers for them and were VERY pleased with the progress they made this year.
Braden with his awards. He received a reading award (for independently reading at least 25 books), was Star Student for the Month of April, and was the top boy reader for his class. Braden ended the year reading on a 3rd grade level!
Kaylee had a great year also! She received the reading award (for reading 25 books), Star Student for April (funny huh!), and was on the Principals Honor Roll all four 9 weeks! Third grade is a tough year and she had a little bit of a hard time getting adjusted at the beginning of the year, but ended with flying colors and made HUGE changes in the mean time! We cannot be prouder of her and her accomplishments this year both academically and personally.

Well, that was pretty much the last couple of weeks of school. Oh yeah, add softball practice/games, baseball practice/games, tumbling, ending the school year myself, being pregnant and then all the other things life brings to you! We were very busy (who am I kidding, we are still busy!) but had a great time doing it all. I will post some our summer activities later, hopefully I will get that done before a month goes by!

Oh, and on baby news!! She is still a girl!! She is growing good. As of my last Dr. apt I have gained 9 lbs and her heartbeat was strong. They did another ultrasound and she looked great!! She is very active, until her Daddy tries to feel her, then she stops. She is being a stinker already!! :) Big sister and brother are very excited to meet her! We are beginning to get and pick things out for her. Now we just have to figure out where we are going to put all this stuff!! Oh well, it will all work out.

Well, that is all for now! Hope you enjoy this update, sorry it was so long!! I will try to do better now that school is out. Have a great day!