Sunday, September 27, 2009

Braden...Flag Football

Braden is playing his 2nd year of Flag Football!! He is having a really good time and says he is so good because he went to football camp this summer!! Here are a few pics from the first 2 games. The lighting was terrible at the second game, but hopefully you can enjoy them anyway.

Our mean player!
Braden with his friend Kyle
Braden is the one snapping the ball. He is snapping it to Kyle, who is handing it off to their friend Wyatt
Braden's debut as QB!!!
His handoff!!!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

OSU Game....As A Family!!

We were able to go to the OSU vs. Rice game yesterday as a family!! The kids had a great time! Some friends of ours had tickets as well, so all 9 of us headed over to Stillwater and enjoyed some great COWBOY time! We got there a lil early so the kids could enjoy the pre-game festivities. We even managed to catch up with some college friends this week!! We are having a blast this year w/ our season tickets and absolutely LOVE that the kids are enjoying it also! And we are VERY amazed at how well they do at the game. Last week, Kaylee had a birthday party so Dale took Braden and he had a BLAST and learned all the chants and hand movements. So he spent all week teaching them to his sister and they had a great time cheering on their Cowboys!!

Braden, Kaylee and Thad getting ready for "The Walk" from the Student Union to the field
Kaylee was a lil more into posing right now!
Pistol Pete!!
We went down and visited Jessie and Shane and here pulled in Bullet!! Braden was totally beside himself!! He whispered to me "Do you think he knows he is famous?"
They ran us through there very quickly, but we got our pic w/ him!!
Our lil Poke fans waiting for the game to start!!
Daddy and his lil girl!!
Mommy and her lil boy!! He couldn't smile cuz then you could not see his tattoo!!
Our whole family loving our COWBOYS!!
Once Kaylee finally got used to her surroundings, she really got into the game!!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

OSU Game Day!!

Yesterday was the season opener for our OSU Cowboys!! This year Dale talked me into season tickets. We had a great time yesterday, and even though they scared us a lil at first, they came out with a win! We are looking forward to spending some Saturdays in Stillwater, meeting up with old college buddies and even looking forward to taking the kids to a few games and instilling that love of the Cowboys into them even deeper!!

We are ready to cheer on our POKES!!
The view from our seats

I have to admit, I love watching the cheerleaders!!
Had to get this pic for Braden...Dez Bryant is his fav!
Here's Bullet!!!