Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Happy Halloween!

This year Halloween was quite fun with a 1 year old basically experiencing it for the first time! I like having the kids dress up in a "theme", so when Kaylee decided she wanted to be an OSU pom squad member and that she wanted Kelsee to be an OSU cheerleader I began to think about what Braden could be. After trying a football player and Pistol Pete, we both agreed on a vet at the OSU vet clinic! With each costume "created" for under $12, we were ready for the big day! It all began at school for their class parties. Kelsee was a little cranky and of course class parties are always chaotic, but they were a success. I cannot believe this is Kaylee's last year to have class parties......sniff....sniff....:(
We began trick or treating around our town that evening after Dale got home. Kelsee was not sure at first and could not figure out what this stuff was everyone kept putting in her bucket, but after Daddy gave her a sucker to eat she quickly became VERY interested! She would walk up to the door and if the person had not answered by the time she arrived she would loudly knock on the door, she would hold out her hands (she quickly ditched the bucket!) or if they lowered their bowl she would dig right in! She was very cute!! And instead of thank yous she would blow kisses!! Kaylee and Braden, of course, had a blast and really enjoyed having Thad with them! They all came home with LOTS of candy....which I am not sure who is enjoying more, them or Dale!
Here are a few pics from the day!
Kaylee and a few of her friends from her class
Kelsee and her Pistol Pete! (Tanner Metcalf)
Braden's 3rd grade class
The 3 Stooges!! (Braden, the vet; Kyle, the warewolf; and Wyatt, Gene Simmons)
Our beautiful (and handsome) crew!!
The vet! Can't wait to see if he will actually end up being a vet!The lil cheerleader. For some reason when you get out the camera this is what she does right now!
Our OSU pom squad girl! Cannot believe how grown up she is getting...
And she's off!! She grabbed Braden's bag and headed over to the neighbors all on her own! She had no idea what she was doing, but the coincidence was cute!
Getting her first handful from our precious neighbor, Dorothy
Before she decided the bucket was slowing her down she would stop in the street and dig in to see what she got! It was too cute!

Well, another day for making memories has come and gone. It was a great day and we all had a wonderful time making memories!! Next year will be lots of fun watching Miss Kelsee figure it all out again and on a whole new level!