Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Leaving for Disney!!

Well, we are leaving this evening to stay in Wichita and we fly out at 6:20 in the morning!! We are all packed and ready to go! I think anyway!! :) We are VERY excited and feel very blessed to be able to have this experience and create it for our kids. Not only do we get the whole amazing trip to look forward to, but also while we are there some friends of mine from my childhood will be there too! We have a breakfast planned w/ them and their family...I am looking forward to spending time with Joey and Christi! We will take LOTS of pics and when we get home on the 6th I will begin posting!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Trip to Texas

Eric's lil girl Addison

Kaylee, Addi and Macie

We like to take a trip every summer to Texas to spend time with family and not have to be rushed to get back. This year was no different, except our trip was a lil longer than usual and very busy! We had a great time and enjoyed spending lots of great quality time with my sister and her family.
We started the trip with just the kids and I going down and meeting up with my family and then all of us loading up and going to South Texas for a family reunion. As usual, we had a great time staying with my mom's cousin Eddie and Emily and I even let the kids swim in his pond!! They had a blast and the girls even built up the nerve to jump off the high dive! From there we went back and stayed at my sisters for a few days. On Tuesday we drove an hour to my Aunt's house where we spent the evening cooking out with them and letting the kids all enjoy her pool! Then the next day we did our annual Six Flags trip! (which we realized we somehow missed last year!) We all had a great time (except that Dale was not able to be there) and found out just how brave Braden really is! The ShockWave was his FAVORITE ride!!! So glad he does not take after his Daddy (whose favorite ride is the Teacups!!). We spent all day there and were totally exhausted when we got back to Emily's house. We spent the next few days visiting family and getting ready for Mom and Dad's vow renewal ceremony on Saturday. Oh and on Friday ALL the girls went and had our toes and nails done!!
On Saturday my parents renewed their vows for their 40th wedding anniversary. My mom chose a luau theme and all of us kids and grand kids stood up there in support of them. It was a very nice ceremony and lots of their family and friends were able to attend.
On Sunday, Dale and I celebrated our 12th Anniversary by driving home alone. Like I had Emily's girls earlier in the summer, it was now her turn. They stayed until Thursday. They had a great time and even after 2 weeks they were not ready to come home!
Well we had a great trip and I hope you enjoy some of the pics. I will have to post more pics later because Emily took more w/ her camera and we did not want to take 2 to Six Flags so all of those are on hers as well.
I can't believe school is getting ready to start also! When we get back from Disney we will only have about a week until it is time. Being the OCD person I am, we stopped in OKC and bought school supplies yesterday on our way home....AHHH...where has summer gone?!?! Well, I am off to get started getting ready for Disney!! I will share LOTS on that later!!!

Monday, July 6, 2009

4th of July Weekend!!!

Kaylee decided to give everyone pedi's....

....even Poppy!

He said this was his "tired Cheeto eating man!"

He was just filmed for a promo video!!

The whole clan!!


There is a tooth on those white sheets!!

We had a great 4th of July weekend! My parents came to visit from Thur-Sun. The girls went shopping on Friday while Braden and Poppy stayed at home chillin. (Dale had to work) Then the guys played golf on Sat morn (and again on Sunday) while we hung out. We cooked out then spent the evening at Meadowlake Park. The kids rode the carousel horses and just hung out waiting on the fireworks. While we were waiting a man that was filming a promo video for the city of Enid filmed Braden sitting w/ his festive hat on!! When we got back home the kids enjoyed some fireworks. As usual we all enjoyed having Mom and Dad here. It is hard living 5 hours away, but we are very blessed that my family still gets to be a BIG part of my kids lives!
Oh, and Kaylee lost a tooth on Sunday!!