Monday, June 29, 2009


Getting a pep talk through the fence from Coach Dave

He hit this one!!!

Daddy will even wear purple for his lil girl!!

Well, baseball season has come to an end for this year. It was alot of fun, but also very busy! Both kids played their first year of machine pitch this year and did very well. They were both a lil aprehensive at first, but stepped up and tried their hardest!
Braden actually could have played T-Ball one more year, but in order to keep him on the same team, we moved him up a year early. He did very well, despite being one of the youngest on the team. At the beginning of the year, we were a lil worried! He got very discouraged and his attention level was not quite there, but he came around as the season went on and ended having a blast and sad to see it end. Braden had his best game at one of the last ones! He struggled all year to hit the ball and finally got a hit at one of the last games! He was very excited, but a lil sad because Daddy was not there to see it. (Kaylee had a game at the same time)
Kaylee also had a great season. She plays with a group of girls she goes to school with and they have a great time.....sometimes a lil too much!! She absolutely loves the game and would play year round if she could! She played 3rd base this year and did very well. She was a lil upset at first about playing there (she played pitcher in T-Ball) but stuck it out after the coach told her he needed her there b/c she was one out of 2 on the team that could throw the ball from 3rd to 1st! She ended the season loving 3rd base! She is difinitely our athlete. (for now!)
Both the Twins and the Diamond Divas did very well. Even though I keep score for both teams, I am not sure what their records ended up being. They both won more than they lost and we were very pleased with it being their first year in the new division. Although I am happy for the break, I am a lil sad to see the season come to an end. I really enjoy watching them play ball and Dale is very surprised with how much he enjoys coaching both of their teams.

Monday, June 22, 2009

A Week With Meagan and Macie

I could not take the pic fast enough for Braden!

This past week my nieces, Meagan and Macie, came to spend time with us. Emily and I try to trade for a week every summer to give each of us a break and allow the kids to spend time together since they don't get as much as we would like during the year. Although, this past week was very busy, we had a blast. I posted a few pics, but for some reason kept forgetting my camera most places we went!
The kids enjoyed playing around the house and swimming just as much as going places. Everytime they are together they play restaurant. It is a hoot to watch! We went bowling (which Braden won both games!), went to the local water park, enjoyed the park, putt-putt(not sure who won that because I stopped keeping score on the 3rd hole when all 3 little ones had averaged 12/hole!), riding the train, ate snow cones and lots more!
When the kids are together they typically get along really well and love every minute! Meagan and Kaylee are both typically calm, quiet and enjoy just "hanging out". Now Braden and Macie are another story!! They are also two peas in a pod; however, their pod is much noisier than the other two! They are both very full of personality and are so funny to watch and listen too!
I absolutely LOVE spending time with my nieces and hated to see them go, but we will be down there in a few weeks and will be able to spend a week with them. Then it is my time to come home alone and the kids will stay with Emily for a week!!!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Starting a New Thing!

Well, I am finally going to do it! Start a blog that is. I have thought about it for a few years now, and decided that if everyone else can, so can I. I enjoy reading friends blogs and feel so connected to their families through them and wanted to do the same for others with our family. Most of you know that we live anywhere from 1-6 hours away from all of our extended family and would like to use this as a tool to keep them connected to our daily lives. So here it goes! We will see how it ends! I will post more pics and info later, but for now better go!