Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Happy 1/2 Birthday Kelsee!

I am a few days late, but better late than never!! Not sure if it is because I have been busy or if it is because I am in denial that my baby is 1/2 a year old!! Probably a lil bit of both! This month has been so much fun with Kelsee...she is starting to do lots of new things! So enjoy her 6 month letter!
Dear Miss Princess...
Wow!! Cannot believe it has been 6 months since you came into this world. This month you have changed so much. You are leaving that infant world and becoming such a lil person. We went for your 6 month checkup on Monday and you weigh 18lbs 9 oz now and are 28" long. You are in the 95th percentile in weight and off the chart in height! You are pretty much wearing all 6-9 month clothes (still have a few 3-6 that still work, but not many!) and are wearing a size 2-3 diaper still. You are eating 3 meals a day of baby food and still nursing 4 times a day. You are such a good eater! You LOVE sweet potatoes and don't care for plain apples or green beans! When I put the green beans in your mouth you gag and with the apples you shake like they are sour! :) Your sleeping patterns are still a lot to be desired for Mommy and Daddy. We are not sure what has happened but you are waking up about every 1-2 hours and will not stay asleep in your bed! You want to sleep right in the middle of Mommy and Daddy! Although we want to constantly be holding you, it does not make for a good nights rest for any of us. However, we are working on that and hopefully in next months letter I can tell you you are doing great!!
You are playing with all of your toys and sitting up VERY good! And just today I noticed when you were on your belly you were pulling your legs under you and trying to get up on all 4's...UH OH!
Here are a few pics from this past month....
One evening after dinner I was cleaning up the kitchen and you got tired of waiting on me! :)
It's a whole new world since you are sitting up!
Such a happy baby! This is the look we get most of the time!!
You are really grabbing for EVERYTHING!! Even the camera!
"I think I have mail!"
Gave you some juice in a sippy were not able to get anything out of it, but you sure tried!
Eating a girl scout cookie...I know not the healthiest, but you sure loved it!
Doing so good holding your own bottle!
I just LOVE that precious sleepy face!!
18lbs 9oz
Your 6 month check up....once again you did not want to lay down! I have also posted a pic of you on the scales for the first time....amazing how much difference only 6 months will make!
8lbz 1oz
Kelsee, I know I have said this many times, but you are truly a blessing to our family! I look back at our lives and although we were very busy before, I am not sure what we did and cannot imagine our lives without you! You are such a little social butterfly, you are happy most of the time, and love being around people. When I pick up our carload of kids after school you are so excited to see all of them! You start laughing as soon as they get in the car. I cannot wait to see what the next 6 months has in store!
Oh and how could I forget your exciting news!?!? You WON the 2011 Cutest Baby Contest for our local paper!!! I will blog a whole post for that special event!! Congrats baby girl!!
I love you very much Kelsee Kels!!
Hugs and Kisses...Mommy <3