Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Kelsee Anne

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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Kelsee's First Bottle

From the very beginning of my pregnancy with Kelsee I knew I wanted to try to breastfeed her. I tried with Kaylee and was not successful and did not try at all with Braden, so even though this was baby #3 it was still something new to me. Before she was born I read that having the baby nurse within the first hour of being born would help the whole process be a greater success. So this is something I told the nurses I wanted to do. When we introduced it to Kelsee she was about 20 minutes old and wow she latched on like she had been doing this for years. She has continued to be very successful with nursing and we all could not be happier!
I was a little hesitant to give Kelsee a bottle because nursing was going so well. However, I knew there would come a time when I would need to leave her for more than 3 hours and also with the busy schedule we have there would be times when it would be nice to have a bottle when we are out and about. So planning for the kids fall carnival at school I had Kaylee give her her first bottle on October 14. She sucked that stuff right down and wanted more! I have been pumping in 2 oz bottles (based on advice) and that is just not enough for lil Miss Kelsee!! The 2nd bottle we gave her had 3 oz and it satisfied her a lil more; however, I had to leave her yesterday for a few hours and she took 4 oz!! She has been going back and forth very well, but so far she has only had 4 bottles. I pray that she continues to go back and forth!! I do not plan to give her formula as long as I am continuing to produce plenty for her to eat....which is NOT a problem right now! Anyway, this may have been WAY TOO MUCH INFO for some of you, but it is our life right now. I do still have more pics from the first few days of Kelsee's life....I will get them all posted! I promise!!
Getting her first bottle from Sissy!
I know this post is about her first bottle but I wanted to post this pic of her was taken on her 5 week birthday! She loves her swing!! Kelsee does not take her paci much. She will take it when she is hungry or sometimes when she is sleepy. But when she starts to go to sleep she will spit it out. She is not taking it at all at night so hopefully she won't be too attached!!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Tulsa Fair

Kelsee had 2 firsts this weekend. She had her first trip to the Tulsa Fair/Stock Show and her first stay in a hotel. Dale had 3 heifers selling at the Tulsa Fair so after school Friday, the kids and I loaded up (and wow I forgot how much you have to take for a baby!) and headed East. Kaylee and Braden have been going with us to the stock shows since they were born, so naturally we did not hesitate to take Kelsee along with us. She did great on the car ride over. When we arrived at the fair we were greeted with a welcoming group of people that could not wait to meet lil Miss Kelsee! We love all the great people we have met through the cattle business and enjoy the small amount of time we spend with them. We even were able to spend Friday evening at the pool celebrating a special lil girl's 4th birthday....Happy Birthday Pepper Elmore! We always try to stay at a hotel that has an indoor pool....makes bedtime pretty easy!!
Saturday was the busy day! Dale always gets up early and heads out to the barn early, leaving the kids and I there to get a lil extra sleep and come in a lil later. This typically works out very well, however, with 3 kids was a little more challenging! We finally made it to the barn about 10!! Kelsee was very good all day Saturday, just taking in everything and not letting it bother her at all. Kaylee and Braden had a great time playing with Pepper and helping Daddy out. Braden had a hard time this time with getting rid of one of the heifers. For some reason, even though he only spent a small amount of time with her, he and Anna really bonded! But it was nothing a trip to the midway didn't fix!! Another thing we always try to do is allow the kids to experience the "crazy section" of the fair. Dale and I absolutely despise this area (for different all the germs and he can't stand all the people) but tolerate it for them! So after about $30, 3 hours, 2 rides and 1 game later we were DONE!! Oh and we got to go home w/ a huge stuffed Bevo (the Texas Longhorns mascot for my OK readers!!). Braden begged to play "just one game!!" So we gave in and let him ring a duck. Me trying to avoid the meltdown, I spent about 5 minutes before he played preparing him to lose. Telling him the games were a rip-off...the whole spill. Well, Dale bought them each 3 rings and wouldn't you know it, the 2nd one the throws he rings a duck!! And of all the things there he picks the Longhorn! And the first thing out of his mouth was to Daddy....he said "I disappointed Mommy cuz I won!" HAHA! Can't say I was disappointed, surprised, but not disappointed! And thank goodness Kelsee slept through the whole midway area so we were able to keep her covered up in her stroller!
Although I took the camera with us, I forgot to take any pics!! Ooops!! Kelsee enjoyed her first stock show/hotel stay and we all enjoyed a great day at the fair. So much that yesterday we did not go ANYWHERE!! Enjoyed sleeping in and hanging out around here doing laundry, unpacking, and playing ball outside. Kelsee literally slept ALL DAY! Well, she has been initiated and has many more stock shows in her future....hope she enjoyed!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

What a Difference a Month Makes!

One month ago today our lives were changed forever! We went from a family of 4 to 5, with only 9 short months to prepare. I will never forget the day we found out about our new addition. Well, actually it started a month prior to that when Braden asked Santa for a baby!! Little did we know that Santa would deliver just that!! I remember having the famous clue (that I won't bother to go into details about!) and thinking "NO WAY!" Well, after about 2 weeks I could not ignore it any longer so I took a test and well the rest is history!!
So much has changed in the past month. Kelsee has grown so much and has fit right into our family perfectly! The kids both loved her from the minute they laid eyes on her. They both are wonderful with her and have been a huge help. Kelsee has been a great baby from the very beginning. She very seldom cries, but has definitely learned to let you know when she is upset! Kelsee is eating very well, going about 3 or so hours in between and is usually only up once during the night! Kelsee loves sitting in her swing and has started enjoying her activity mat too. She has started focusing on things and is really watching faces and following voices. Kelsee is very strong, already holding her head up and will push herself up with her legs too. We absolutely love having a baby around the house! Kaylee loves holding and snuggling with her and Braden loves it when she gives him kisses! (We won't tell him she is hungry and thinks he is food!) Kaylee and I also have really enjoyed dressing her up in all her cute clothes and bows!!
I look forward to recording Kelsee's growth on here and sharing it with all of you. I have posted a pic of her on her first day of life and then another of her today at a month old.

September 7, 2010
October 7, 2010