Wednesday, February 9, 2011

A lil Rah Rah and A Lil Round Ball!

As usual Kaylee has been keeping us busy with her many activities. But we would not have it any other way!! She was able to participate in the High School Cheerleader Mini Cheer Clinic a couple weeks ago and cheer at a home basketball game. And of course, she had fun...even if she doesn't show it!
The group getting loud! She is on the back, 2nd from the L.
She looks a lil confused here! She did a great job and we are just happy she will finally get out there and do it!! WAY TO GO KAYLEE!!
She is also playing basketball through the Y on Saturdays. Like most sports, she enjoys playing, but I think she is ready for next year when she can play school ball and not have Daddy as a coach! :) This year Kaylee is doing much better being aggressive and playing a physical game. In the past if someone would push around on her she would just move out of their way, but she is starting to actually push back! I know sounds weird that we are excited that our daughter pushes! LOL!
She got to shoot a free throw!
She missed, but had good follow through!
Look at her push!! That's my girl!!
Basketball is almost over then it is time to show Snicker the goat and then starts Softball season. BUSY BUSY BUSY!! But we LOVE it!

Bye Bye Craddle....

....Hello Crib!! I know! I know! 5 months old is a lil old to just be going into her crib! But since we STILL have not found the right house we still have her in our room, so we have been putting it off as long as we could. Well, we couldn't any longer! We also were hoping this would help her sleep better since she has started waking up in the night, but fact I think it may have made it worse...or maybe its that I have to actually get up to get her now!
So this is the big girl bed! Isn't it cute!!

She took a good nap in it right away....STRETCH!! CUTE!
Just a lil chillin after my first nap in my new bed!

Kelsee is 5 months!

We were hit with the flu bug at our house this week so I am a few days behind getting this posted! But on the 7th our lil princess turned 5 months old!! WOW!! Amazing how fast time flies! Braden said just the other day, "Kelsee is almost a half a year old!" Dale and I just looked at each other and I think we both wanted to cry!
You have been so fun this month! You are starting to really play with your toys and interact with us. You especially LOVE to play in your exersaucer. You have hit a few HUGE milestones this month! You started eating cereal in your highchair, you are beginning to SIT UP, you can pull yourself up while we hold your hands, you can hold your own bottle (when you get one, which is seldom), you are rolling everywhere, and you can hold your toys and even make some of them "work".
You weigh about 18lbs, are wearing size 3 diapers and are just about to outgrow your 3-6 month clothes. You have decided that you are too big for your bouncie seat and are starting to think that about your swing too. And heaven forbid we should make you lay down if you do not want to! Oh and DO NOT WIPE YOUR FACE!!! :)
You are still nursing VERY well! You eat about every 3 hours and then eat your cereal before bed. Just today I fed you your cereal for breakfast so we can start a veggie for supper! I have started giving you oatmeal and you like that much better than the rice cereal. Your sleeping patterns on the other hand are lil to be desired by your Daddy and I right now! You were sleeping so well and a couple of weeks ago you started waking up numerous times at random! You think you have to nurse to go back to sleep so it has been very tiresome for Mommy! I am NOT giving up on nursing yet though! We have started letting you try to put yourself back to sleep some and that has been a VERY LONG and STRESSFUL experience for both Mommy and Daddy. Hopefully this will get better very soon!
Well, here are a few pics of your during the past month.
This is how you enjoyed Kaylee's birthday dinner.
Playing with your toys in your exersaucer...LOVING the purse!!
Getting ready for cereal in your high chair!!
You are also infatuated with remotes and phones. UH OH!!
You were spending some time with Daddy and I guess whatever he was doing on the computer was boring to you!
You and your beautiful sister one Sunday before church
Baylee Felber made these precious ear muffs for you!! You are SO lucky and have LOTS of people who LOVE you very much!
This is typically how u sleep. Thumb and your lovie are a must!
An early Saturday morning enjoying Kaylee's basketball game. You were not feeling quite yourself this day. You had a lil cold. :(
Isn't this towel from Uncle Randy and Aunt Carol Ann cute! You love your bath time!!
And the thumb again! One of your favorite toys right now is this bunny. You had his ear and ended up falling asleep like this.
This was a special moment for Daddy. You typically think Mommy is the one that has to put you to sleep so Daddy was loving his snuggly time!!
ZONKED!! Love that precious sleepy face!
Well Kelsee, once again another month has gone by WAY too fast! We are enjoying you so much and all 4 of us ABSOLUTELY adore you!!! I love to watch you with your brother and sister. You completely light up when they come anywhere near you! Kelsee you have completely changed our lives and we LOVE every minute of it!!
I LOVE you baby!!!

LOTS of Snow!

Today we had our 3rd round of snow for this year. And man was it A LOT!! According to the news we received about 15"!! WOW!!! The snow was so pretty. It is very bright white and so light and fluffy! Obviously the kids are out of school and for once Dale is even home from work. He tried to go and could not make it up onto the highway.
Miss Kelsee took a long morning nap so we all bundled up and went outside! The kids and I have never seen this much snow so it was very neat. As you can tell from the pics we had a good time. Heck, they are still having a good time!
Snow princess taking a break!
Braden made himself a chair
Yes that is me! I thought I would be fun and "fall" into the snow and it was WAY deeper than I thought!
And again YES that is me shoveling the drive!! Dale had time to take a break and take this nice of him!!!
One of our LARGE snow drifts
Snow ANGELS!!!
His very graceful fall into the snow. LOL!!