Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter 2011

Easter started off pretty quiet around our house...well as quiet as being woke up at 7am by a 7 month old can be! Kaylee and Braden left on Thur to spend the weekend with Nana, so it was just us 3 to get ready for church. Kelsee woke up with a yucky was all matted shut and gross!! Once we got it clean, it seemed to bother all of us more than it did her.
All dressed and ready for church on her first Easter! Nana, the kids, Aunt Joyce, Aunt Nancy and Uncle Eddie met us at our church. We were so glad to share our new church with them on Easter Sunday! We all came back to our house and were joined by Uncle Randy and Aunt Carol Ann for lunch and hunting eggs. We had a great time with Dale's family and really enjoyed having a family gathering at our own home! Hopefully we will have the room (SOON) to do many, many more!
The Easter bunny came to visit while we were gone to church! This is one of my favorite pics of all 3 of my kids together!!
Checking out the goodies! A lil scared with the top left pic! :) After egg hunting the kids went out to "not shoot eachother" with their new guns....that only lasted about 15 minutes before 2 wet kids had to come in and put the guns away!
Doing some hunting! It was so different this year for them to be hunting alone....this is the first year we have not spent with my family...
Kelsee was not sure what she was doing outside in the cold and why am I "helping" Daddy pick these things up! She did find a pretty purple one that became her BEST friend!
I loved getting to expose my kids once again to the true meaning of Easter, spend the day with family, watch the kids get excited about the simplest things, and finish off with a nice relaxing evening with the most important 4 people in the world to me!
Not spending the day with my family was hard, but had a great time with my in laws, kids and hubby!
Hope all of you had a wonderful Easter and isn't it wonderful when you think of the HUGE sacrifice that was done for us and we celebrate it by hunting eggs....never really understood that!

School Spring Program

The Spring program at school was all about Rock-N-Roll. Our new music teacher is doing a great job with the kids and I have really enjoyed watching them in 2 WONDERFUL programs this year! This was a big hit since we have not had one at all in the past few years. Kaylee's class dressed up like Elvis or 50's Rock N Roll and sang songs like Blue Suede Shoes, Braden's class was to dress like they are going on a date and he sang I Wanna Hold Your Hand. They all did great!!
All ready for the program! Don't we have an AWESOME Elvis! Thanks to Wyatt's infatuation with Elvis, we had access to a costume!
The 4th grade.....Kaylee did SO GOOD on her speaking part!!
2nd grade....Braden didn't act too excited to be there, but after said he had a good time.

Friday, April 22, 2011

And She's Off!

This past week has been very crazy at our house....we replaced the floor in our living, dining, kitchen and hall (well still finishing it up actually!).....and in the midst of all of this we have a motivator!!! Kelsee started taking crawling steps a couple of weeks ago and now she is motivating all over the house. One day she crawled back to Braden's room and then just sat back there and LAUGHED!! It was so cute! As cute as it is....she is quite the lil stinker too! :) She has managed to attempt to crawl into the return air vent (the cover was off due to the project), get herself stuck under the kitchen chair many times, get into the kitchen cabinet, get stuck behind the couch and almost escape out the front door! And all this was this week!! She has been so funny to watch trying to learn to crawl on these slick floors...except when she tries to pull up on something and face plants it into the hard floor...:( We are planning to get a large area rug so I am sure this will help her lots! Anyway, just had to get in a quick update of our HUGE milestone this week! Here are a few pics of her that I had to take off my phone cuz my camera battery was dead...Getting into that cabinet
Pouting cuz she is stuck under the chair!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Happy Birthday Kaylee and Kaitlyn!

Once again....I am LATE on this blog!! Becoming the story of my life!! :) Kaylee and her best friend, Kaitlyn, decided to do their birthday parties together this year. Having winter birthdays, they have not been able to have a swimming party, so we found out if you rent a room at one of the local hotels you can use the pool for a pool party/hotel sleepover it was! The girls were able to invite quite a few kids to swim, but due to being in a hotel room were limited on the number that could spend the night. The girls had a great time planning the event and I think just as much fun at the party!
Swimming in February????? Don't mind if I do!! I think all of their friends had a great time and Macy and Kaitlyn even decorated the window! :)
Presents, Presents and more presents!
The birthday girls, Wyatt with his hot tub beard, and Kelsee had a lil too much fun!
Yummy cake time!! If you look close at the cake on the side you can tell it didn't fair too well making the trip to the hotel! We salvaged it and it still tasted GREAT so all was good!!
Slumber party isn't complete without snacks and Pop Rocks mixed with Coke!!
Enjoying making flower clips! And time for some relaxin for the birthday girls while Macy gives them a pedi!!
I have to say it was a pretty easy and fun party for all of us!!! Happy 10th Birthday Kaylee and Kaitlyn!!

"Snicker" the Goat

Well, we did something Dale and I both swore we would NEVER do!! Let our daughter become a GOAT SHOWMAN!!! Yep I said it!!! Kaylee has said since she was about 2 she was going to show a goat. It was always sort of a joke to us, but she never gave up!! Every time we would go to a cattle show she would drive us crazy until we would take her to see the goats! Dale fought it for a while, he even bought her a heifer and tried everything he could to get her to show it, but like most other times....she won! Last summer they found the prize goat! Unfortunately 3 days after we got him he died having his horns surgically removed. :( But that didn't stop her!! Oh no....we got another one! Kaylee quickly fell in love with "Snicker." We were very proud of her being very eager to work with him no matter what. We kept the goat at her friend, Hannah's house. This helped alot because the girls had a great time working together. Anyway, we made it to show season with Snicker and surprisingly she got in the ring and showed her little heart out! She showed Snicker at the County and the District shows in Enid and then we let her decide if she was ready to take him to the big show in OKC and she was more than ready! She did so good, I think both Dale and I were completely shocked!
Her first show! This was the County show in Enid. She did an amazing job showing him....he didn't do quite so well placing. He was last in his class...but she didn't care! (Needless to say Dale and I know NOTHING about getting a goat ready for a show, but we (mostly he) learned ALOT and hoping it pays off with the next one.) Yes, I said next one!
Northwest District Show in Enid. Here she placed 9th out of 15....better, but we are shooting for higher next time! Once again, we were VERY pleased with the way Kaylee showed Snicker and she was up and ready everytime it was time to do something with him.
A few pics from Oklahoma Youth Expo in OKC. Kaylee completely was in love with Snicker. She did amazing with him. Dale and her went a day before I brought Kelsee and Braden and he said she just jumped right in there and did everything with him and even led him around without Daddy going with her! If you know Kaylee you know that is a HUGE thing for her to do!! We were so proud of her we bought her a lil good job gift. She has been wanting a "blingy zebra" belt for quite a while so we surprised her with one right before she went in to show. Snicker had quite the personality. He was such a sweet goat. Perfect for her to learn on!! I just hope the next one is half as sweet as he was!
Our big girl in the ring at a BIG show! Kaylee did great!! I think Mommy and Daddy were much more nervous than she was! :) Snicker did not make the cut for his class, but she was still able to "show" him for quite a while, and that was plenty good enough for her!
After the show came the dreadful part (for Mommy and Daddy anyway!). We had to take Snicker to meet his new friends to go to his new home. Kaylee grabbed him up and was ready to head over. I don't think Dale and I could have ever imagined what happened next....she walked him over there, took him into the pen with LOTS of other goats and took his halter off all by herself. She stood outside and watched him "meet" his new friends for just a few minutes and then was ready to go get Dippin' Dots! I think Dale and I both were ready to cry at any moment, but held it in since she was so strong.
I am not sure words can express how proud we were of Kaylee for all she did with Snicker. We are sure going to miss that lil guy!!! Now to prepare for the next one!!

7 Months!

Kelsee Anne,
I can't believe I am so late on your 7 month blog! This just gives you an idea of how busy our lives are this time of year!! You are getting active, which is not only more fun, but also more work!! This month you are sitting up VERY good, playing with lots of your toys, moving toys from one hand to the other, feeding yourself cheerios, you LOVE phones and remotes, and you are starting to try to crawl. Kaylee and Braden want you to crawl so BAD....we will see what happens when you start crawling to their rooms! You are doing better on sleeping, still eating 3 meals a day and still nursing great! The weather is starting to get nice and you LOVE to be outside. Here are a some pix from your 6 month of life....
Crazy Hair Day!! I was being silly one day and did your hair in a mohawk after bath. Needless to say, your Daddy did not like it! I was amazed how much you reminded me of pictures of your Doe-Doe with your hair like that. (I never had enough for Mimi to put it up like that!) Also in these pics you are starting to get up on all 4's!!
This is one of your favorite toys. YOUR BABY! You just shake all over with excitement when I hand her to you. She has pigtails and you like to swing her around by her piggies!! :) You also like to hold a pigtail while you suck your thumb! Awwww....
You may not be crawling yet, but you are motivating around pretty good!! You were playing on the blanket and next thing I knew you were over stuck under your swing. HaHa!
YOU ARE OFFICIALLY 2011's CUTEST BABY!!! I entered you in the cutest baby contest for our local paper and YOU WON!!! We knew you were the cutest, but it was nice to actually win something for it! HaHa! You won a $100 Savings by the time you are showing these to your grandkids it might be worth $100!
A few more random pics from the month. You LOVE to listen to your Bubba read his stories for school, and sadly you are getting too big for your swing.....
I attempted to get some 6 month pics of you in your Grow With Me Bow. We were unable to take them last time we were with Doe-Doe so I was going to just to them and have Uncle Donnie pretty them up....I hope his editing skills are GOOD cuz my pic taking skills were not so much on this day!! You were quite the handful to keep still long enough for a pic! I did manage to get a few that hopefully he can do something with. I can't wait to see all the pics together at the end of your first year!!
Well Miss Kelsee you are growing way too fast! I know I have said this before, but we are having a blast with you! I am so glad the weather is getting nicer so you can explore that whole new world outside!! And look out world this next month cuz you are getting very brave with this motivating thing!!!
Mommy LOVES you VERY much!!!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Meagan and Macie CHEER!

I have LOTS of things to blog and hopefully I will be able to get them done over the next few days...hopefully!! (I am about to have a crawler on my hands so we will see!) A couple weekends ago we were FINALLY able to go to Texas and watch my nieces cheer competition! We had a great time and just LOVED getting to watch them! While we were there my cousin Jonathan surprised the kids and came to my sisters house and spent the night and spent all day Saturday with us at the comp. and then back to her house for dinner and some play time. Our kids just love Jon, he is SO great with them and we are going to miss him SOOO much when he leaves for a year for Africa...ok we aren't going to talk about that!!
Anyway, on to the cheer comp! Both of my nieces cheer for a competitive team. Meagan has for a couple years now and Macie started this year. Due to scheduling conflicts and crazy life, we have not been able to attend one of their competitions until now. And we picked a good one! This one was only 1 day and both girls competed within an hour of each other and we were out! Didn't have to stay ALL day (or 2) like they normally do!
Although we did not have to wait ALL day, it was still a long wait for Braden and Kelsee. She ended up giving up and slept through both girls cheering (which is probably good cuz I might have dropped her, squeezed her, thrown her up...who knows!:) And as you can tell, Braden somewhat found some entertainment...even a football stadium full of lil girls wasn't that appealing to him. (Insert Mommy sigh here!!)
As you can see in these pix (and the pix don't even do it justice) the girls have to wear LOTS of make-up. Not only is it a lot of is pure GLITTER! Kaylee wanted to try some...not too much though. :)
Unfortunately I do not have any pix of the girls cheering. :) Kaylee recorded Macie's cheer and then I was trying to take pix of Meagan and didn't realize the camera was still on video so needless to say I had on cute shoes and the lady in front of us had on a black shirt! LOL!!
As I told you already, our kids LOVE our cousin Jonathan! He is such a great guy and is VERY good to them! They were super excited to see him come in Friday night and had a great time with him all day Saturday. We are so proud of him for his choice to serve in our United States Army, and although we know he is excited about going to Africa, we are going to miss him terribly!
Oh and Macies team got 9th out of about 13 or so teams and Meagans team got 2nd (not sure how many)!! WAY TO GO GYMN STAR!!!