Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter 2011

Easter started off pretty quiet around our house...well as quiet as being woke up at 7am by a 7 month old can be! Kaylee and Braden left on Thur to spend the weekend with Nana, so it was just us 3 to get ready for church. Kelsee woke up with a yucky was all matted shut and gross!! Once we got it clean, it seemed to bother all of us more than it did her.
All dressed and ready for church on her first Easter! Nana, the kids, Aunt Joyce, Aunt Nancy and Uncle Eddie met us at our church. We were so glad to share our new church with them on Easter Sunday! We all came back to our house and were joined by Uncle Randy and Aunt Carol Ann for lunch and hunting eggs. We had a great time with Dale's family and really enjoyed having a family gathering at our own home! Hopefully we will have the room (SOON) to do many, many more!
The Easter bunny came to visit while we were gone to church! This is one of my favorite pics of all 3 of my kids together!!
Checking out the goodies! A lil scared with the top left pic! :) After egg hunting the kids went out to "not shoot eachother" with their new guns....that only lasted about 15 minutes before 2 wet kids had to come in and put the guns away!
Doing some hunting! It was so different this year for them to be hunting alone....this is the first year we have not spent with my family...
Kelsee was not sure what she was doing outside in the cold and why am I "helping" Daddy pick these things up! She did find a pretty purple one that became her BEST friend!
I loved getting to expose my kids once again to the true meaning of Easter, spend the day with family, watch the kids get excited about the simplest things, and finish off with a nice relaxing evening with the most important 4 people in the world to me!
Not spending the day with my family was hard, but had a great time with my in laws, kids and hubby!
Hope all of you had a wonderful Easter and isn't it wonderful when you think of the HUGE sacrifice that was done for us and we celebrate it by hunting eggs....never really understood that!

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