Friday, December 31, 2010

Christmas At School

Christmas season started full swing with lots of activities at school. First was the Music program. We have a new music teacher this year and I have to say he did a GREAT job with the kids and the program. It was called "The Big Chill" complete with kids/teachers wishing for snow so school would be out. Every grade had a part and they all did a great job!
Nana, Aunt Joyce, Aunt Carolyn and Aunt Nancy happen to be here doing their Christmas shopping that day so they were able to come watch the kids. Kaylee and Braden were VERY excited they made it! Kelsee enjoyed snuggling in Nana's lap...except when people clapped!
The 2nd graders were students dressed for winter. They sang lots of songs about winter and wanting snow! It was SO cute! Braden is right in the middle with the blue and white striped hat.
Kaylee is in the middle in the back. The 4th graders were dressed as teachers from the 1980's. Oh was she MAD at me for her outfit!! She said she looked "hideous!!" Wasn't that the point!?!?
For the first time ever Kaylee had a speaking part!! She said it with the group, but that is a HUGE step for her!! Good Job Kaylee!!
Braden with his friend Wyatt after the program...only coincidence they are dressed alike.

School parties were the day before Christmas break. Although I enjoy being able to go to the kids parties this year, I don't enjoy having to split my time between both I did miss a few things from each...
Braden passing out the reindeer cupcakes we made for both of their classes. This is Brynlee Cue and Taylor Moody...a few of his friends.
Our school has an Angel tree for the teachers to put items they would like for their classroom and you can choose one and bring it in lieu of class presents. Both kids chose treasure box Dollar Tree here we came!!
Kaylee being silly during goodie time!
Both kids had a great time celebrating Christmas at school, but were SO ready for the day to be over because we left immediately for Texas!!

Friday, December 10, 2010

Happy 8th Birthday Braden!

I am a few days late, but better than not at all like last year! Braden turned 8 on Monday. WOW! Time really has flown! We watched home videos a few months ago and it is so amazing how much a child grows and changes in such a short time. On the video he was 3 and you would ask him how old he was and so matter of fact he would say "5"!! Braden is definitely a character of his own! He can be such a sweet, loving helpful child one minute then a moody, tempermental, sore looser the next! Braden has such a passion for school and reading that I hope he keeps as he gets older. He loves to be at the farm and just be able to go and play as he pleases. His imagination is so big it truly amazes me sometimes! Not a day (honestly probably an hour) goes by that Braden doesn't come up to Kelsee or I and gives us a kiss and says he loves us. He is definitely a Mommy's boy, but as he is getting older he is loving his Daddy time too.

This year Braden wanted his birthday party at the YMCA and he wanted an OSU party!!! We were very excited about both of these choices due to the ease of a party at the Y and well the choice of theme made us proud!!! We enjoyed an hour of cake/presents/pizza then an hour of swimming with 19 kids ages 5-10!
The cake/pizza/drink table
The present table
His cake of choice....Kathy Tuma once again did a fantastic job!
The birthday boy!He was really hamming it up while they were singing!
It's time to swim! Yes we were responsible for all those kids!! And only had 1 bloody nose!!
Some of the kids enjoying the kiddie area
In our house we have a tradition of the birthday breakfast. From the very beginning Dale and I have done all we can do to make their day special....starting as soon as they wake up. We wake them up with the Happy Birthday song and they have candles in the breakfast of their choice. Braden chose cereal, pop tart and bacon.
Cookies and balloons at school. Our PTO offers birthday balloons so of course I made sure Braden had one. It was fun being the one that actually made his this year. He chose OSU cookies for his school party also. I enjoyed getting to take the cookies to school and spend the time there with him.
YUMMY Kathy Tuma cookie!

Braden had a great birthday few days! He got his gifts of choice (Kung Zhu pets and a track and new bedding for his bed!) and was able to have his choice of meals all day! Chose his breakfast, I took him McDonalds for lunch and we went to his choice of Playa Azul for dinner. We love making this day special for them because they definitely make everyday of the year special for us! Happy 8th Birthday Bubba!!!